What Are the Pre Requisite?

Passion to Learn Market Profile Ninja Trader 8 installed in your PC Basics of Technical Analysis Understanding about Futures and Options

What Are the benefits Of this Conference?

Learn how to of pick the best stocks which can get you good returns Most of the stock picks by our mentor in the past have given 2R per trade. You can learn how to pick them. Unlock the secret of institutional

Who Can Attend this Conference?

Beginners & Professional traders who want to have a success full career in stock market. Stock market admirers planning to trade with advanced technical analysis like, market profile, orderflow & Volume Spread Analysis strategies for stock markets. Professional traders who want to

Why converge 2024?

Converge 2024 is a extensive advanced technical analysis conference to understand the undertone and long-term scope/depth of the markets. Converge 2024 aimed to assist basically for beginners and traders with limited market profile,orderflow & Volume Spread Analysis, help your money grow gradually,